Seven day cleanse

Seven-Day Cleanse
One of the most thorough colon and tissue cleansing programs available today. Daily colonics are able to loosen up old waste matter at a deeper level. It is also suggested to drink 8 to 15 glasses of pure water daily. Most people report feeling more energy and clarity afterwards, as well as weight loss.
What Do I Eat During the Cleanse?
It is recommended that you do not eat a bite of food for seven days. You will not feel hungry while on this cleanse because of the 100% organic food
supplements that are provided with this procedure. Here
is a list of the supplements recommended and purchased through
Advanced Holistic Health Center.


Each day for 7 days, take the following:

Remember to take 2 Herbal Tabs each night before bed.

1.Pour ¼ cup Organic Concord Grape juice, and ½ cup water into a pint jar with a lid.

2.Add 1 tablespoon of VIT-­‐RA-­‐TOX #16(Detoxification).

3.Last, add 1 teaspoon of VIT-­‐RA-­‐TOX#19(Intestinal Cleanser).

4.Cover jar tightly and shake until mixed.

5.Drink quickly to prevent mixture from jelling. Follow with at least 8oz of water.

1-­‐½ hours after taking the above cleaning combination take:

6…. Vit-­‐ra-­‐tox #22 (GreenLifeTablets)
3…. Vit-­‐ra-­‐tox #53 (Wheatgerm Oil Capsules)
2…. Vit-­‐ra-­‐tox #57 (Vitamin C Tablets)
2…. VIt-­‐ra-­‐tox #48 (Beet Juice Tablets)

Take the above combinations every 1-­‐½ hours, five times a day; alternate the shake and the raw food supplements. Remember to drink plenty of water during the day.