“Doing the seven day cleanse with Joan Chidester changed my life. She has done what allopathic doctors and traditional medicine couldn’t do for my health in ten years.
Most people who go on a detoxification cleanse give up before completing it myself included. Not this time, with Joan’s knowledge and experience the seven day cleanse was effortless and effective. I wasn’t hungry and my blood sugar never dropped. Relieving the body of accumulated toxins provides a sound basis for safe and permanent health. I recommend Joan’s cleanse to anyone who is seeking health and vitality.”

“Meeting Joan has been life changing! Teaching us alternative ways to eat, and kicking my caffeine addiction was a plus! I never knew how colon hydrotherapy could help, but my skin is glowing and I have renewed energy. I am free of all the toxins that were polluting my body. Thank you Joan for being such a wonderful teacher!”

“…Joan recommended a more vegetarian protocol to assist in the cleansing of my colon and to improve my overall health. Since embarking on this journey of colon hydrotherapy, a number of positive changes have occurred in my life: 1. My bowel movements are healthier and more frequent. 2. Fewer problems with constipation. 3. I am satisfied with eating less. 4. I can live on a vegetarian diet easily. 5. I don’t binge eat as much anymore. 6. I have lost both weight and inches. 7. The need to juice my food to increase absorption of food nutrients….”
Jim Tinnell

“I first went to Joan for colonics when I had a problem with hemorrhoids and a situation of arthritis. Amazingly, after the seven day cleanse, my hemorrhoids were much healed and my body stiffness was nearly gone! Joan’s counseling on diet and exercise helped me take on healthier habits.”

“Thanks to Joan for all the encouragement in helping us to our path to wellness. Colon Hydrotherapy has helped us with cravings, helping us to lose weight and have less headaches. Our goal is to become healthier and vegetarian.”
-Yolanda & Silvia

“This has been a truly en”lighten”ing experience for me, to say the least! To unload over ten pounds of waste & toxins has felt fantastic and such a great, fresh start to the auspicious surrounding year of 2010. Admittedly, not eating food for an entire week (in its traditional chewable form, anyway!) was extremely challenging for me, more so that I anticipated. But I now feel so incredibly proud of myself for making this worthy sacrifice for my health and well being. Miss Joan is a gem, a true healing spirit and I’m very grateful for how much she has helped me on my journey to embracing 40 in my peak form! Cheers.”

“Making the decision to do a cleanse was not an easy one.  I needed to commit to the idea that I would not be eating for a week and plan on a trip to Joan for a colonic each day for 7 days.  That meant taking a lot of things off my calendar and taking it a little slower.  But, I found out that it was really doable.  I takes a special kind of person to make a person comfortable doing a procedure like this, and Joan will make you feel completely at ease.  She talked me through the process, explaining what I was to expect, and gave me tips on a better diet to keep my body clean after the cleanse was complete.
It was a real wake up call to see all the toxins that had been stuck on the sides of my colon after years of eating non- digestible meat and processed foods.  After watching worms float by, I was committed to only putting healthy organic real food back in my body.
It took a few days to get into the routine of taking the supplements on time to ensure that I wasn’t hungry.  I noticed a little headache and low energy and quickly came to the realization that I was not going to continue with my hectic schedule for awhile.  Joan reassured me that the symptoms were normal and would go away.  By the 3rd day,  I felt plenty of energy, and did not have the desire to eat.  Each colonic surprised me that so much stuff could come out when I hadn’t eaten for days!  How could I have been storing so much waste?  How long had these toxins been in my body?  It was disgusting!  But, I was feeling great and my skin was starting to glow!  My stomach was feeling flat, my clothes were fitting looser, and I had a bounce in my step!
I have done the 7 day cleanse 3 times in 2 years.  Each time I become a little more aware of my health and add a few changes to my diet.  Joan is an expert on nutrition and gave me a wealth of knowledge to start me on my way towards optimum health.
Make the commitment!  It will be the best thing you will do for yourself for your health and wellbeing!

Joan is the perfect choice for getting you on the tract to better health!  Her essence is one of wisdom, and compassion.  You will feel completely at ease in the care of Joan’s caring expertise!”